2016 Concept

Wake up call, good morning!

Waking up to a new day, a new time means excitement to start!  The ring of the wake-up call can be perceived in different ways: sometimes a walk in nature, an article one reads, the lyrics of a song one listens to, meeting a new person or hearing some news…

All these things can turn our world upside down or change our direction. After a good night’s sleep it is pleasant to start each new day with excitement and positive feelings.
We can get informed about an incident on the other side of the world, and we can easily talk and share information with almost every part of the globe.

  • Despite this amazing technological improvement, most of the old world’s problems are still with us: wars, hunger, increase of pollution, terrorism, ecological disasters, etc.
  • The world is an extraordinary place full of contrasts. Beautiful and exciting situations live next to horrifying and brutal realities. There are so many things to be aware of…
  • “Wake Up Call, Good Morning” is the topic of the 4th İstanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial taking place in April and May 2016. Our aim is to motivate Turkish and foreign children to participate in various art disciplines (such as visual arts, film, dance, music, theatre, new media ) as a creative, independent and productive person. We want them to improve their ideas by practicing in the art field, sharing, thinking and encouraging them to use their imagination. With a symbolic “wake up call service” they will be able to raise awareness of their own and for people around them, and to increase sensitivity for themselves and their environment.


In continuation maybe we can ask other basic question:
How are we going to live?

  • Maybe we can ask more questions…
  • Can you remember the moment when you realized something?
  • What was it and how did happen?
  • How did your life change?
  • If you wake up, do you think that other people should wake up as well?
  • What can you do?


Text by PASAJ , Maria Sezer and Leyla Sakpinar